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Use illumination picture
1. To remove the foil from the wine bottle,place Foilcutter on bottle and press cutter arms against bottle neck.Press firmly and turn Foilcutter one quarter turn,then tip to lift foil.
2. The first step in using the opener is to bring the lever firmly down to closed posi- tion as shown
3. Swing lever to full open position and lower the opener over the bottle until it sto- ps in the position shown.Grip the bottle firmly with .the grip handles,so that the black pins come out of the metal axis
4. While maintaining a firm grip on the bottle, slowly bring the lever up and over to the closed position. You have driven the screw fully. into the cork and are ready to pull the cork.
5. Maintain a firm grip on the bottle with the handles and slowly lift the lever back and over the bottle to the open position. Older corks may be fragile and should be pulled very slowly.
6. After pulling the cork,remove the corkscrwe from the bottle. To release the cork from the corkscrew,move the lever to the closed position as shown.
7. Grasp the cork with the two handles and swing lever to the open position. The cork will be fully released.
* Replcement Screw: to remove screw from corkscrew, remove screwcap. Lift out screw. To replace, insert screw through bushing and screw guide. Replace scrwe cap. If the operation is correct, it is seldom to replace the screw.
1. Place the stopper firmly on the bottle. The stopper will fit most wine bottles. Place wine preserving pump on the stopper and one hand holding the bottle, while the other hand squeezes the lever several times, so as to extrude the air in the bottle.
2. After a few squeezes, you will feel that it get harder and harder to squeeze again. It means that the bottle is approaching complete vacuum. Then remove the wine preserving pump.
3. To release the vacuum, push the central of the stopper to one side. Accordingly you will hear a swishing sound. At the moment the air re-fills the bottle again. Then you can remove the stopper.
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